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Web hosting options

There are zillions of websites in cyberspace. However, without web hosting, none of the websites would be possible.

Web hosts have many different packages and it’s not ‘one size fits all.’ In fact, each package is tailored for different needs. So depending upon the kind of website you are putting up, you want to find the kind of web hosting that supports it. The packages don’t have to be expensive, it’s really up to you, which web host you decide on and how much you plan to spend.

For starters, there are free hosting websites that let you create a website. These are usually set up to help beginners. Some of these free hosting websites have pop-up ads or forced free ads. At KVCHosting, we don’t’ have forced ads even for free hosting. So that’s something for you to consider.

If customization is what you are going for, there’s shared hosting which most webmasters prefer. Shared hosting means that many websites share a server. This is cheap and affordable but the disadvantage is that you are sharing server space with other sites, which could lead to problems such as your website being shut down because you share an IP with another which deals in illegal activities.

To avoid such complications, larger professional organizations prefer dedicated hosting. This means that the company has one server which is wholly theirs. The website will have only one server with extra bandwidth, visitor trackers, and a unique IP.

Reseller hosting is another option that’s available. For webmasters who want to make some money on the side, reseller hosting can be a viable opportunity. All you have to do is buy a web hosting package from a company, divide the space into different sections and sell those to other webmasters.

Whichever web hosting option you choose, it’s necessary to have a good web host that fits your needs. So from free hosting services to dedicated servers, there are many options that you can choose from.


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